VOLVO FH 440 6.2


Features at a Glance:

The Volvo FH 440 6.4hp

Volvo FM - Designed for the road

The world of long distance hauling means encountering a different set of performance demands. Offering world leading driveline, safety and comfort, the Volvo FH is built to meet these demands. Mile after mile, the Volvo FH will offer you excellent driveability. It is a fuel efficient truck that gets on with the demanding work of long haul – and is quick and profitable while doing it. Also, it is a great truck for construction work.


Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS) Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Z-cam brakes Auxiliary brakes, such as Volvo Engine Brake (VEB/VEB+)t of the cargo bay. The system can even be programmed with a number of alternative loading bay heights.


I-Shift to match long hauler A durable long-haul truck like the Volvo FH requires a transmission to suit. One that is convenient for the driver and fuel efficient on fast long distance runs. The I-Shift automated gearbox provides a previously unattainable level of driveability even at 80 tonne transportations and beyond.

No standard but your own

There are many different cab equipment packages to choose between: Driving - Functions such as electronic climate control and high level instrumentation make the workplace more comfortable and safe. Personal Protection - Increases the driver's safety while driving and resting. Visibility - A rain sensor for the wiper blades and static cornering lights provides better visibility even in rain and darkness.

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