Features at a Glance:


The Volvo FH16

Where to begin with the FH16? Let's put it this way: The FH16 750 is the culmination of everything we know about trucks – and then some. Most people get all hyped up on the 750 digits. And while significant, we would like to point to its real implication: 3550 Nm in torque. Now that's a number to go bananas over. 90 per cent of the torque is available within seconds and it's immense enough to offer an experience of never-ending increase. The driveline of the Volvo FH16 750 is the ultimate solution for heavy haulage, construction and long haul. It's also a truck designed to offer the ultimate driving experience.


The Volvo FH16 can be fitted with leaf springs of parabolic or conventional type. Conventional leaf springs are sometimes used on construction trucks, for good stability and when high axle weights can be expected. Parabolic leaf springs are mostly used in front axle suspensions and they can be combined with air, parabolic or conventional rear suspension.


I-Shift to match a long-hauler
A durable long-haul truck like the Volvo FH16 requires a transmission to suit. One that is convenient for the driver and fuel-efficient on fast long-distance runs. The I-Shift automatic gearchanging system provides a previously unattainable level of driveability even for 80 tonne transportation operations and beyond.


Redrawing the map
The D16C is an in-line six-cylinder 16-litre direct-injected diesel engine. It features a single cylinder head, overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and electronically controlled unit injectors. The timing mechanism is located at the rear of the engine. True to Volvo tradition, the D16C is turbocharged and intercooled. The compression ratio for the D16C is 18:01

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