Our promise and dedication

With size comes responsibility and since we are the second largest producer of heavy trucks in the world we take that responsibility seriously. When it comes to committing to safety, quality and the environment we are second to none, and these core values are the foundation on which our solutions rest.

Quality trucks with the highest cab comfort and service

Quality not only refers to truck quality - it is the guiding principle in everything we do, from cab comfort, to truck guarantees and service. It is in focus when we build a Volvo truck - from preventive maintenance to continuous materials testing - and from dealer testing to global parts resourcing. Volvo quality is a well known concept that few other companies can compete with. The outcome of our quality work can be seen in the entire development chain; in design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, sales, and aftermarket services. It is this dedication to detail that makes a Volvo truck stay reliable.

Taking sustainability seriously

There are plenty of reasons to take sustainability seriously. Earth's climate system is out of balance, the resources are limited and mankind still releases harmful substances into the eco system. So we find ourselves standing at a cross-road, a breaking point in history where our actions inescapably will be scrutinized by future generations.

Taking truck safety seriously

Truck safety and driver security are two of most important health issues today. Every year around 1.2 million people die in road accidents the world over, and The World Health Organisation has said that vehicle traffic is the fastest-growing threat to human health.

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